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Tropicali: Our Favorite Restaurant on the Mountain

Updated: May 18, 2023


For many visitors and vacationers, local cuisine and unique experiences are a top priority throughout their stay. Big Bear visitors are no exception, and we’re thrilled to spread the word about what we consider to be the most incredible eating experience in town. If you tend to seek out hidden gems and local hot spots wherever you go, you must snag a seat at Tropicali while you’re here. The food, the drinks, the staff, and the atmosphere all outshine every other eatery in SoCal, and we’re proud to recommend them to our visitors on a daily basis.

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About Tropicali

Created by a powerhouse couple consisting of a pro-surfer slash actress and an adventurous creative director( Sanoe Lake & Michael Sterling Eaton), the overall vibe at Tropicali is like nothing else you’ve ever experienced. We’re willing to bet that upon walking in the door, you’ll feel as if you’ve been transported to a tropical island. And rightfully so. The local dynamic duo defines Tropicali as a “make believe island where the South Pacific crashes into the Sea of Cortez and bleeds into The Caribbean forming the Tropicali trinity, flavor, culture and aloha.”

The stark contrast between the traditional atmosphere of Big Bear and this tropical vacation creates a one-of-a-kind experience for all who visit, adding an unexpected twist to their experience and standing out, for many, as the highlight of their trip.

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The Menu

As you browse the menu online or in person, you’ll see the island vibes shine through. Visitors can expect to enjoy some of the best (and most fresh) poké they’ve ever encountered, or venture flavorful and protein-packed dishes that are sure to leave you wanting more. Fan favorites include...well...literally everything on the menu. Trust us when we say you won’t be disappointed.

The Staff

It’s not an understatement to say that the staff at Tropicali is unmatched! While words like friendly, welcoming, and wholesome are accurate, they simply do not do this team justice. Browse through the Yelp reviews and you’ll be able to read thousands of testimonies agreeing that visiting Tropicali somehow feels like coming home, largely in part to the stellar staff.


In The Press

Don’t just take our word for how spectacular Tropicali truly is, you can trust the thousands of Yelp reviewers, local press coverage, and general buzz around Big Bear to give it to you straight. Ranked #15 across all of America and #1 in California, Tropicali has climbed the Yelp ranks to stand out among the rest. Check out their website to see an impressive collection of the most inspirational reviews we’ve ever read.


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