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These Dreamy, Midcentury Modern-inspired Cabins Are Nestled in an Idyllic California Mountain Town

Looking for the perfect lake town getaway in the U.S.? Meet Midnight Moon Cabins in Big Bear, California.


Midnight Moon Cabins in SoCal’s Idyllic Big Bear Lake Resort

Recapture your spirit of adventure,
or rekindle romance at Big Bear Mountain in the glorious San Bernardino National Forest.

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Southern California’s Dog-Friendly Midnight Moon Cabins

Reaching new heights of style, quality and comfort, Midnight Moon Cabins In Southern California’s idyllic Big Bear Lake 

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Midnight Moon Cabin Rentals in Big Bear Lake, CA

I was doing a little reconnaissance around Palm Desert to see where I might like to go when visiting my British friend in the future. I came upon the beautiful cabin rentals of Midnight Moon around Big Bear Lake

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Big Bear Mountain in the San Bernardino National Forest is now home to the modern, upscale, eco-friendly and unique vacation rentals of Midnight Moon Cabins — perfect for family travel, four-legged family members included!

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Travel + Leisure

Create a Cozy-Chic Cabin Vibe With These 15 Amazon Home Essentials

There's something so charming about a mountain escape during the winter, and now that it's officially snuggle season, there's never been a better time to update your space with inviting touches reminiscent of a cozy cabin.

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Spring Break Escapes
Cabin Life at Big Bear Lake

If you’re looking to unplug and unwind this spring break, the trio of Midnight Moon Cabins, at Big Bear Mountain in the glorious San Bernardino National Forest, might be the tranquil retreat you need.

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