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A-Frame Cabins -Why They Are So Popular

Updated: May 17, 2023

a frame cabin

A-frame cabins are one of the most distinctive architectural styles of cabins out there. Just looking at them, you can see what makes them special: their triangular roof juts upward, giving the building its shape—and its name.

While they aren’t a new design by any means—they date back nearly 100 years and were quite popular back in the 70s—A-frame cabins have received a recent resurgence and have once again become trendy in recent years. Even we here at Midnight Moon Cabins have one available to rent.

What Makes These Cabin Designs So Long-Lasting and Popular?

Lately, there's been a lot of hype in magazine articles and on social media and you can ask any top real estate agent and they will tell you that A-frame is in high demand.

Aside from the wonderful aesthetic, there are a few different factors that help to make A-frame homes popular in this day and age. As the fashion industry likes to remind us so often, styles tend to come and go, and then come back and go again—over and over in a cyclical manner.

So, why are A-frame cabins that were once popular in the 70s starting to become popular again? Aside from the inexplicable evolution of human taste, perhaps one theory is that a lot of the people who grew up in the 70s—and might have spent time in these types of cabins with their parents, or grandparents, or friends—are all now adults themselves.

Now, they’re interested in going to cabins with their children or families that remind them of the cabins of their youth.

What Else Makes the A-frame So Popular

a frame cabin

Aside from the human condition, there are also some practical reasons that A-frames are popular and remain popular. For starters, the design has a striking visual appeal. It’s one of the reasons that this unique style of home can be found on image sites such as Instagram and Tumblr. People tend to just like the way they look. They’ll make viewers point and go, “Oh, would you take a look at that!” And make you want to have your picture taken with them.

And that’s even before you get the opportunity to stay in one. One of the reasons they’re popular builds is that they’re great in all sorts of weather. During the summer, all the hot air rises to the peak of the cabin, leaving the main living space of the cabin nice and cool for anyone coming home to their cabin after a day of hiking Bear Mountain.

During the winter, the advantage of having a sloped or gable roof means that all snow will simply slide right off and won’t accumulate. The simple design makes them easy to build And the building process can be much quicker than a traditional home build. The ground floor of an a-frame home usually has an open floor plan with loft spaces upstairs but there are several design options and a-frame styles to choose from.

How the Rental Climate Has Influenced the Popularity of A-Frame Cabins

a frame beside the lake

Thanks to companies like Airbnb, vacation homes as rental properties have become an even bigger business. A-frame cabins, in particular, are both affordable to rent or buy or to build from scratch for any aspiring property investors. Tons of individuals are buying an a-frame house as a second home and renting out these properties (and many others) through sites like Airbnb and VRBO.

Plus, there are smaller companies investing in multiple properties, including A-frame cabins, and making those available for tourists to all sorts of vacation spots to help make their stays even more memorable with a luxurious and cozy stay.

One of the reasons A-frame homes have become popular among both of those parties is that they’re affordable to purchase and build, while also maintaining the sleek modern aesthetic (that actually dates back nearly 100 years).

Companies are Making it Easier Than ever to Build New A-Frames

interior white

Builders like Backcountry Hut Company and Avrame are offering A-frame kit homes in different styles and square footage with an ultra-modern design that feels like a custom design build. This is a great way to get a modern design in your new home. Avrame boasts "Avrames can be built anywhere you want and on any style of foundation, existing or new. They’re great for off-grid applications because of their roof angle, which is perfect for installing solar panels." They offer a simpler life for minimalism enthusiasts. A simple form lets you build your own A-frame straight from a precut kit of supplied building materials.

a frame cabin beside lake

Make Your Stay in Big Bear Lake Memorable with an A-Frame Cabin

If you’re planning on making Big Bear your next vacation destination, either during these winter months or sometime in 2022, then consider booking your stay in Midnight Moon Cabins’ very own modified modern A-frame lodging and see for yourself what makes the design so popular.

We call it The Firefly, this dog-friendly cabin is found in one of Big Bear’s finest neighborhoods, just a few miles away from some of the best trails the mountain has to offer.

Spend the day exploring all the fun to be had in Big Bear's natural surroundings, then come home to a modern beauty. Every aspect of it inspires maximum comfort. The open floor plan ensures plenty of space for everyone. Downstairs, you’ll find the king bedroom, which opens onto the back deck and fire pit. Upstairs, you’ll find a super large loft with a queen and two twin beds all equipped with luxury bedding.


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