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The Best Pizza In Big Bear Lake

Updated: May 22, 2023

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Who Has the Best Pizza in Big Bear?

New York vs Chicago? Deep Dish vs Thin Crust? Did pizza originate in Italy, or is the cheesy, hot, delicious dish an American specialty? Multiple debates and arguments, a plethora of opinionated wars, have been waged over the delicious, gooey, cheesy, savory, and tomato-y (but not always: we see you white pizza) treat known as pizza. With February 9th, aka National Pizza Day, right around the corner, we figured it might be fun to have another war of words thrown down in blog format. Who has the best pizza in Big Bear? Now, you may ask yourself, why do this? I’m in California. The state is not exactly known for pizza. And, sure, that may not be the state you think of when you think of great places to get pizza, but after hours of skiing, hiking, boating, fishing, biking, or whatever else it is you’ve taken in at Big Bear, you might decide that a nice, cheesy pie, maybe with a multitude of toppings, or maybe a bit more naked, is just the thing you want. Instead of just going with one of those big chain places, why not put your own two cents on which one of these local shops reigns supreme in the eternal pizza wars?

Saucy Mama’s Pizzeria (Best Reviewed in Big Bear)

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Well, it does seem the people have spoken. With a 4.5/5 rating on Tripadvisor, a 4.6/5 rating on Facebook, and a 4.4/5 on Google, Saucy Mama’s Pizzeria is the most talked about and beloved of pizza places in the Big Bear area. Now, to give everything a fair shake, it should be noted that there are two notable downsides to the old Saucy Mama. For starters, you have a limited window of when you can try this amazing pizza. Saucy Mama’s is open from 11 AM to 8 PM Sunday through Thursday, but it does stay open an hour later until 9 PM on Friday and Saturday. The other thing is, according to some reviews, wait times can be a little long. However, sometimes fate rewards the patient, as guests of this pizzeria rave about its pizza, featuring standard toppings like pepperoni, Canadian bacon, and Italian sausage, but also throwing in a few curveballs like zucchini and anchovies, you know, for the daring. And, yes, if you want to take part in the age-old internet debate, they do offer pineapple as a topping. Another menu item that has been praised is the garlic bread, so if you want your bread dinner with a bread appetizer, Saucy Mama’s has you covered. Prices are pretty standard fare for a mom-and-pop shop pizzeria, with a large pizza running you about $23.

Maggio’s Pizza (More Options, Greater Variety)

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Boasting a 4/5 on Tripadvisor, a 4.3/5 on Google, and a 4.5/5 on Facebook, Maggio’s Pizza is also a pretty solid option to satisfy that cheese craving. Maggio’s may have slightly lower reviews than Saucy Mama’s, but while it may have received slightly less love on the internet, it makes up for it in options. First off, a few customers have raved about the cauliflower pizza, so if you are a vegetarian or have certain dietary restrictions that keep you from pizza, Maggio’s has you covered. Their pizza does shine in the positive reviews though, as does their other food, so if you are looking for a good time with good pizza, Maggio’s has you covered on Monday through Thursday from 11:00 AM - 8:30 PM, till 9 PM on Friday and Saturday, and from noon to 8 PM on Sunday.


There are not your only pizza options, though. Maybe Village Pizza, No Name Pizza, or Red Baron Pizza would suit you better. Next time you are in Big Bear, why don’t you give them a try and make your own opinions as to who has the best pizza in Big Bear Lake?

Happy National Pizza Day from Midnight Moon Cabins!


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