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Why Waffles Are Better Than Pancakes


We’ve had the pleasure of overhearing guests and visitors debate about which breakfast staple reigns supreme. Whether you’re team waffle (go, you) or team pancake (for now), there’s no shortage of opinions and reasoning for why each might be better than the other. Our opinion is that waffles are the superior choice when it comes to breakfast foods, and we’re prepared to tell you why. While both pancakes and waffles contain largely the same basic ingredients and, arguably, similar tastes, there are a number of reasons why waffles are just…better.

You don’t actually have to make them.

waffle maker

Unlike pancakes, one of the key differences is convenience. You don’t have to stand over the stove or griddle monitoring for the perfect pancake color before flipping. Once you’ve made your pancake or waffle batter in just a few simple steps, you can simply pour it into your waffle iron and get back to whatever conversation you were having in your breakfast nook. Maybe you use this time to clean as you go, chop up some fresh fruits, or have a quiet, reflective moment before the waffle maker tells you it’s time to flip or remove your perfectly toasted waffle.

Our favorite waffle Iron is this one by Sur La Table.

When it comes to pancakes, you’ve got to watch them like a hawk to make sure they don’t burn and wait patiently for bubbles to rise from the batter, making it much harder to enjoy your morning while you cook breakfast for your family members.

Waffles feature built-in holes for a range of different toppings.

waffle w/ chocolate syrup

We’ve all seen basic buttermilk pancake dishes topped with whipped cream, maple syrup, fruit, and even chocolate syrup. But naturally, these things slip and slide around atop a pile of warm, smooth floppy pancakes and can easily just become soggy breakfast food. Crispy waffles, on the other hand, are the perfect choice because they feature crunchy little squares that make it easy to create a perfect meal by topping them with melted butter, tasty syrups, chocolate chips, berries, peanut butter, ice cream, and so much more. The large square ridges in your waffle will keep everything in place while you cut, and prevent anything from falling off your fork as you bite.

waffle w/ butter and chicken

First, they’re savory, then they’re sweet.

If you’re looking for the ultimate brunch food while on vacation or when enjoying a cozy weekend at home, we recommend waffles because they’re versatile. There’s a reason chicken and waffle dishes have been all the rage lately. Waffles have so many extra flavors and they pair great with chicken wings! While sweet toppings pair well with waffles, savory toppings have their benefits, too! No matter who you’re serving, they’re bound to find a waffle and topping combination that makes their taste buds sing. Chicken, pesto, ham, avocado…the possibilities are endless!

waffle, eggs, flour

Our favorite waffle recipe is the Belgian Waffles from The Salty Marshmallow. Primary ingredients for most waffle mix consist of flour, baking soda, sugar, egg whites, and milk. We like to sub Almond flour and add in a little vanilla and cinnamon to ours.

The only real difference between Belgian waffles and classic American waffles is the deeper pockets in the waffle maker. In order to keep the waffles light, we beat the egg whites separately from the yolks, then, fold them into the batter.

We know waffles and pancakes come down to personal preference. Still not convinced to join #TeamWaffle? Suit yourself, more of this breakfast treat for us to enjoy!


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