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The Best Gear to Keep Your Dog Warm This Winter

Updated: Dec 5, 2023

dog in front of the cabin

Winter Dog Gear: Keeping Your Canine Companion Warm and Cozy

If any of your family members are furry and four-legged, we understand how important it is that they’re able to join you on all of your adventures and safely enjoy winter experiences alongside the rest of your family this winter. But even if they have a thick, fluffy coat and thrive in the winter snow, it’s crucial that they have access to gear and accessories that keep them safe, healthy, and warm in cold temperatures. That’s why we’ve put together a list of all our favorite pet products and winter accessories that make it easier than ever to enjoy some snowy fun with your pets! Because we know how important it is that they come along for the ride and experience all of the great things you and your family get up to this winter.

Heated or Self-Warming Dog Beds

When we come inside after a few hours in the snow or on the move, it can be difficult to warm up again. Our fingertips, toes, and noses often stay e

cozy dog

specially chilly until we’re able

to get moving or warm them up under a cozy blanket or warm running water. Dogs are no different! Even if they’re panting thanks to zoomies in the snow, their bodies can still feel chilly even under a thick coat of fur. Relying on a heated dog bed - like this one from K&H Pet Products - or a self-warming pad that harnesses your dog’s body temperature to distribute warmth - like this one from Chewy - can make a big difference in helping them warm back up after a day in the snow.

A Coat for Their Coat

white dog with coat

Even though dogs are well equipped to spend time outdoors in colder weather without having to wear a bulky winter coat, an extra layer to lock in warmth is a great option for dogs who spend long periods of time outside or trekking through the snow. Some of our favorite dog jackets include Duluth Trading Co’s fire hose dog jacket and Cabela’s Carhartt chore coat. Both of these options are durable and built to make sure your dog can enjoy as much fun in the snow as they’d like without becoming too chilly. Looking for something less heavy-duty? Chewy has plenty of great options from a variety of brands. Opt for a cute dog hoodie for your stylish pup when the temperature drops near you. These are great gear to keep your dog warm.

  1. Protect Their Paws

small dog with fashion clothes

Every dog mama knows just how much mud, dirt, and snow can get stuck between the pads of their feet. In the winter, it’s especially important to make sure your dog’s paws don’t become overly full of compacted ice and snow from winter walks, as this can cause them to be cold and is often painful. Dog booties are a great solution to help them stay warm and enjoy as much frolicking as they can handle through the icy winter conditions. These dog boots from Canada Pooch are durable, waterproof, and feature a rubber grip. These are a great way to protect sensitive paw pads. Plus, they come in a variety of sizes so you can choose an option that’s most comfortable for your pup's paws during cold weather months.

Let Them Burrow Into Bed

dog hiding in the blanket

Pet beds are pretty common but if you live (or frequently vacation) somewhere with freezing temperatures year-round, then you need a more permanent solution to help your dogs stay cozy after trips outside to go potty, long walks, or even just hanging around at home (floors are cold, and it can get drafty in colder months). The Burrow Bed is one of our favorite recommendations because it’s durable, but it also allows your pets to snuggle up and tuck themselves inside a shell of warmth whenever they’re looking for a warm place to rest and a little extra insulation. The Burrow Bed comes in a variety of sizes and is great for smaller dogs and cats (an added bonus) as well as larger dogs.

Flea & Tick Protection and Prevention

Unfortunately, just because the temperatures drop, doesn’t mean ticks and fleas are absent from the environment. Make sure you’re maintaining proper flea and tick care for your pooch during the winter season to avoid any unwanted parasites tagging along for the ride on your next family adventure, especially if you’ll be spending lots of time in new environments outdoors.

This roundup of outdoor gear for four-legged furry friends is a great checklist to reference next time you’re preparing for a trip to the mountains or a week at the cabin. It also makes a great gift guide for the winter-loving pet parents in your life! Stay warm, friends.

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