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Celebrating 4th of July in Big Bear

Updated: May 17, 2023

Big Bear Lake is a small, picturesque city in Southern California that sits on the shores of the lake with the same name.

It has year-round beautiful landscapes and activities, plus the stretch of Big Bear Blvd., and the quaint streets of Big Bear Lake Village are lined with boutiques, restaurants, specialty shops, and live music venues. Not to mention the amazing Big Bear cabins you can rent for a cozy getaway to the mountains.

Celebrating a Big Bear 4th of July with a fireworks display is a bucket list experience that everyone needs to try at least once.

Making The Most of Big Bear Lake Fireworks


Photo Credit: Joel Shawn

A spectacular fireworks show lights up the lake and can be seen from many different locations in the area, and by tuning your radio to 93.3 FM’s synchronized music, you can immerse yourself even more in the extravaganza.

First, remember to leave the sky show to the experts—no personal fireworks are allowed. Be a responsible visitor, and please abide by local regulations. The professional fireworks show goes off safely over the lake.

Where to Go for the Best Views

woman enjoying rides

There are a lot of different places for viewing.

If you’re feeling adventurous, hike (or take a chair lift) to the top of Snow Summit for an elevated vantage point. Be sure to take the necessary gear to get you up the trail and safely down after fireworks are over.

Or, find a great spot in Big Bear Valley and take a seat with friends. Bring along a blanket, some snacks, and a battery-operated radio (or your cell phone if you’re new school) to make the most of your viewing spot. Then, just sit back and prepare to be dazzled.

If floating is your jam, grab a float, lay back, and watch the magical booms happen overhead. The “rocket’s red glare” shining off the ripples in the water will make for an Independence Day that you will long remember.

Small Town, Big Fun

multiple house w/ fireworks in the background

Many travelers may be surprised to learn about Big Bear Lake and what a popular destination it is every season. The reason is its close proximity to two major California cities—San Diego and Los Angeles—but outside of those populations, Big Bear is not as well known, so now is the perfect time for discovering it.

Unlike many Southern California areas that have a dry, desert climate, the location of Big Bear Lake and the surrounding communities is cooler thanks to the blue waters of the lake and wooded areas. It can be an ideal refuge to get away from hot, crowded vacation destinations. With an elevation of 7,000 feet above sea level, the cool summer breezes and sunshine will beckon you to enjoy the wildlife and natural surroundings.

What to Do 4th of July Weekend in Big Bear

During the summer, and especially on weekends and holidays, the sleepy town with a population of around 6,000 can swell to nearly 100,000. So if you are planning a visit for the fourth of July in Big Bear, you'll want to plan ahead. That means you shouldn’t wait to book your luxury cabin in the mountains if you’d like to join in on the festivities in Big Bear.

Spent Time on Big Bear Lake

man fishing in the lake

Photo Credit: boh_ via Instagram

There are boat rentals from pontoons to kayaks, or guided cruises available, but do your research ahead of time and make your reservations as early as possible. If you are bringing your own boat, you’ll find plenty of marina resorts to rent a slip. Check local event calendars for live entertainment schedules.

Big Bear Lake is a great place to go fishing or simply relax on the water.

Visit Boulder Bay Park

boulder bay houses

For lake-adjacent fun during your July celebration, and a great place to view the July fireworks spectacular on the 4th, visit Boulder Bay Park. This peaceful location has a scenic view of the lake, and is dotted with the large boulders that are iconic to the Big Bear Lake area.

The park is family-friendly with ample parking, restrooms, an area to walk the dog, and plenty of paved walkways—meaning the park is wheelchair accessible. Many kayakers set out from Boulder Bay Park, but even if you are staying on land, it's a great place to let the kids work off some energy.

The Alpine Slide at Magic Mountain

mother daughter in the Alpine slide

Speaking of working off energy, there are more active ways to connect with and enjoy the nature around Big Bear. The Alpine Slide at Magic Mountain is an amazing way to experience a trip down the mountain and is one of the best kid-friendly activities in Big Bear.

First, a chair lift will take you up the mountain where you will have a bird's eye view of the beautiful summer landscape. Then, the alpine slide—a small cart on wheels that travels on a cement half-pipe—will take you back down on a quarter-mile ride full of twists, turns, and fun.

Head to The Summit

a pack of men and women riding bike

Snow Summit also offers a variety of great family activities for every level of adventure seeker. From ziplines and rock walls to the scenic sky chair, you’ll find something for everyone.

With this, you’re ready to have the perfect 4th of July weekend in Big Bear. With so many great things to do and a fantastic fireworks show over the lake to look forward to, you and your family will love your holiday weekend in Big Bear.


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